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Enhancing Preferra for Policyholders FAQ

Why did Preferra Insurance Company RRG (Preferra) part ways with NASW Assurance Services Inc (NASW ASI)?

Preferra parted ways with NASW Assurance Services, Inc. due to changes in their leadership and direction, which no longer aligned with Preferra’s values or with the best interests of its policyholders. This decision was made to ensure that our policyholders receive the highest level of service and support, in keeping with Preferra’s mission statement and regulatory mandate.

How does this change affect my liability insurance policy with Preferra?

Your liability insurance policy with Preferra remains unchanged and unaffected by this transition. Your coverage, service, and premiums remain the same. You will continue to have access to the risk management helpline and continuing education opportunities. Social Workers, Social Work Pioneers and insurance experts who have a deep understanding of your profession and needs will continue to oversee the company and will continue to participate on the Claims and Underwriting Committees on decisions that impact your coverage, and to provide risk management education training on emerging issues and topics based on Preferra’s direct experience as a liability insurance company.

Is NASW Assurance Services still involved in administering my policy?

No, NASW Assurance Services is not your agent of record and has no authority over your policy. NASW Assurance Services no longer plays any part in administering your liability policy.

Who is handling the administrative support for Preferra?

Pearl Insurance, our Preferra RRG plan administrator, has been providing policy administration for the RRG liability insurance program (RRG new name in 2023) since 2015. Pearl Insurance has provided exceptional customer service to our policyholders for nearly a decade.

What should I do if NASW ASI directs me to another liability insurance provider?

Please be assured that your insurance coverage remains directly with Preferra Insurance Company RRG. Just as we have always done, Preferra Insurance Company RRG, by and through its plan administrator, Pearl Insurance, will contact you in advance of your renewal date to ensure your liability insurance is continued with no gap in coverage.

If NASW Assurance Services contacts you about renewing liability insurance coverage, please be advised that they have no authority to sell Preferra coverage and will instead attempt to direct you to a new liability insurance provider. You, of course, have the option to obtain liability insurance coverage elsewhere. Preferra is very confident, however, that the benefits it offers its social work members far exceeds anything offered elsewhere in the market.

If you have questions or would like further details on the advantages Preferra offers, we encourage you to contact us directly at 888-278-0038 or via email at [email protected].

Do I need to be a member of NASW to maintain my policy with Preferra?

No, NASW membership is not required for Preferra policyholders. However, Preferra welcomes all NASW members and will continue to honor a 15% discount on NASW member premiums.

What enhancements have been made to the liability program?

Preferra has strengthened its liability program by adding Lloyd’s as a reinsurance partner alongside Swiss Re. This change enhances the security and reliability of our program.

What are the benefits for policyholders due to these changes?

As a result of these changes, Preferra is issuing its first policyholder dividend. Policyholders who maintained a liability policy throughout all of 2023 and are current policyholders as of April 2024 in good standing will receive a percentage of their 2023 annual premium returned to them as a dividend payment.

Who oversees Preferra's operations and decisions?

Preferra’s Board, comprised of esteemed social work leaders, NASW Social Work Pioneers™, and seasoned insurance professionals elected by our Preferra policyholders, oversees the company’s operations and decisions, advocating for policyholders’ interests at the highest levels of the organization.

How can I contact Preferra for questions about my liability policy?

For any questions about your liability policy, please contact our customer service center at 888-278-0038 or email [email protected].

What is Preferra’s commitment moving forward?

As Preferra moves forward independently from NASW and NASW Assurance Services, our commitment to prioritizing policyholders’ needs, integrating social work expertise throughout our operations, and upholding the highest ethical standards remains unwavering.