A Company with Heart

Our Commitment to Our Policyholders

We Value Our Policyholders

As fellow behavioral health professionals, we understand the complexities and challenges inherent in our profession. Our commitment goes beyond policies; it’s about protecting you with heart. That’s why you are at the center of every decision we make every day.

I want to take this opportunity to highlight the exclusive features that make us the preferred choice for liability insurance coverage. Tailored specifically for social workers and behavioral health professionals, your liability policy addresses your unique needs and the potential risks you face daily.

Did You Know?

You have FREE access to our risk management helpline.

As part of our commitment to you, we offer access to risk mitigation consultations via our helpline. This is your first line of defense for protection. Our team of experts will work with you to identify potential risks and implement strategies to minimize them.

Your policy is overseen by a board of directors who share your background.

And we understand your profession. Unlike other insurance companies, fellow social workers and behavioral health professionals serve on the board of directors. They oversee your policy and handle your claims, providing an added level of insight, empathy, understanding, protection, advocacy, and assurance that goes beyond the standard practices of other insurance companies.

You are an owner of your liability insurance company.

We take pride in our unique structure as a mutual insurance company. As a policyholder, you’re not just a customer but an owner of our company. This model sets us apart from other insurance companies. Our decisions are driven by looking out for the best interests of our policyholder owners, like yourself.Protecting your professional journey is not just about comprehensive coverage; it’s about having a partner who understands your risks and unique needs. Our primary focus is ensuring we deliver exceptional value, service, and protection to you because your satisfaction and security are paramount to us.

Thank you for choosing Preferra Insurance Company RRG. We look forward to continuing our partnership together.

Warm Regards

Dr. Richard Jones, Ph.D.
Preferra Insurance Company RRG