A Company with Heart

Who We Are

About Preferra

Since 2012, Preferra Insurance Company Risk Retention Group, formerly NASW Risk Retention Group RRG, has been the trusted choice in providing best-in-class liability insurance products to social workers as well as mental and behavioral health professionals. An independent organization owned and controlled by our policyholders who elect the Board of Directors to oversee the company in their best interests.

Preferra is not owned or controlled by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) or its affiliates. While membership is not a requirement to be our policyholder, we continue to honor the discount to NASW members.

At Preferra Insurance Company Risk Retention Group our commitment goes beyond policies; it’s about protecting our policyholders with heart.

That’s why our valued policyholders are central to every daily decision. We’re more than just an insurance provider – a mutual insurance company tailored to social workers and mental and behavioral health professionals, with exclusive coverage benefits for insured groups. When you become a policyholder with us, you’re not just a customer but an owner of the company.

We’ve been the trusted choice for social workers and behavioral health professionals for years, offering liability insurance.

Our commitment extends beyond traditional insurance. We’re dedicated to crafting products and services that cater to the unique needs of our policyholders. We focus on surpassing expectations, delivering top-notch solutions, and fostering long-term success for the profession.

And when it comes to financial stability, we’ve got you covered. Rated Excellent by A.M. Best Company, our solid financial standing reflects our dedication to quality and reliability. As the premier insurance company for social workers and behavioral health professionals, our products are tailored precisely to meet the profession’s demands.

What sets us apart? Unlike any other insurance company, our suite of products is overseen by a Board of Directors who share your background, including fellow social workers. They oversee policy development and claims, providing an added level of insight, empathy, understanding, protection, and assurance that goes beyond the standard practices of other insurance companies.

Our primary focus is ensuring we deliver exceptional value, service, and protection to our insureds.