A Company with Heart

Our Connection to the Social Work Community

Deep-Rooted Connections

Preferra has deep-rooted connections to the social work community.

As one of the largest insurers of social workers in the United States, representing the needs and insuring over 80,000 social workers across the country, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to serving the needs of our policyholders. One of the key ways we achieve this is through our close alignment with the social work community. Unlike other insurance companies, Preferra’s Board of Directors and Underwriting and Claims Committees are comprised of respected social workers, NASW Social Work Pioneers™, past NASW Board and Executive Committee leaders, and insurance professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. This ensures that our policyholders have social work representation at the highest level of the organization.

These respected individuals are not only leaders within our company but also pioneers in the social work community at large. Many of them share backgrounds with the very policyholders they serve, allowing for a deep understanding of their unique challenges and needs. Moreover, our board members are academic thought leaders who hold prominent positions at social work agencies and institutions across the country.

What truly sets Preferra apart is the extensive years of service that our board members have dedicated to the social work field. Their invaluable contributions, both on the boards and executive committees of large social work organizations, including NASW and NASW Chapters, have helped shape the landscape of social services nationwide.

Through our board’s collective wisdom and dedication, Preferra remains steadfast in its mission to provide comprehensive coverage and support to the social work community. We are committed to fostering partnerships, driving innovation, and advocating for the well-being of those who tirelessly serve others.