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David H. McCarty

David H. McCarty
Mr. David McCarty brings a unique perspective and understanding, having worked with AGIA Insurance Services, the NASW member group insurance administrator, for nearly 25 years until his recent retirement, and having worked with the NASW member group insurance programs for more than 10 years.

As Executive Vice President at AGIA, Mr. McCarty was responsible for expanding the business served by AGIA and for coordinating all aspects of delivery to ensure client satisfaction and growth. His insurance experience included managing the sales and marketing, underwriting and financial analysis, compliance, claims, and premium accounting for a major insurance company.

Mr. McCarty brings extensive experience in all aspects of insurance including: reinsurance, alternative funding mechanisms, mergers and acquisitions, product development, and alternative distribution strategies.

Prior to AGIA, Mr. McCarty worked as an insurance executive with other organizations including Wausau Insurance Company, Ministers Life Insurance Company, and North American Life and Casualty / Allianz Life Insurance Company.

Mr. McCarty earned his B.A. in Business Administration at The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, and a certified insurance benefits specialist designation. He more recently earned a Master’s degree in Divinity.

Mr. McCarty resides in Maple Grove, Minnesota, and is dedicated to community service and development both at home and internationally. He has begun a second career as a pastor, with extensive experience in social justice and outreach services. He is also a dedicated family man, and extremely proud of his daughter who is a licensed school social worker in Colorado.

Mr. McCarty also brings significant board experience, having served on the boards of World Servants, Solid Rock International, American Institute of Professional Association Group Insurance (AIPAGIA), and Professional Insurance Marketing Association (PIMA).